Blog I – Ethics

     Denying the truth is just as severe as committing a wrongdoing.  In the first chapter of “Good Guys, Wiseguys, and Putting Up Buildings”, the author, Samuel Florman, arrives at a scene where a subcontractor is pleading with the city inspector to give him a “few more minutes”  because no renewed building permit could be attained.  After a heated argument between the two, the inspector bribes the subcontractor and then the subcontractor threatens to have the inspector killed.  No words are exchanged after the event and the inspector leaves the scene.  Not knowing whether or not the subcontractor was being serious or not, Florman never says if he took action in fixing the problem.  Instead, Florman goes on about how corrupt the Building Construction industry is and how he holds ethics to a high standard.  In the book, “This I believe II”, Brigid Brockway writes an essay called “Sticking My Nose in the World’s Business”.  In the essay, Brockway tells a story about a man that he knew who killed his son and then himself.  Everyone in the neighborhood acted as though they were shocked, even though most people knew that the man was an abusive father.  Even though it is rude to stick your nose into someone else’s business, it is necessary at times.  If someone had reported the man before the tragedy, lives would have been saved.  Instead, people ignored the abuse and denied the facts.  Not to say that Florman denies the truth, but he could have reported the incident in case a violent act would occur.  Since reading these two entries I believe that accepting the truth is the beginning to good ethics.Image


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