Moving On

Moving on after losing someone that you’re close to is one of the hardest things that anyone can do.  About a year ago, one of my classmates took his own life.  I did not know him very well but many of my good friends were close to him.  I remember how devastated everyone was when we all heard the news.  The halls were silent with the exception of a few people weeping.  As for my friends , I did not know how they would recover from the news and I wasn’t exactly sure how I would recover after seeing the pain that I saw my friends go through.  To my surprise, many of my friends, especially those that were on the football team with me, reacted in a positive way.  They swore to play hard and win in order to honor their friend.  This inspired me to work harder as well and to help others more than usual.  In the book, Good Guys, Wise Guys, and Putting Up Buildings”, Florman talks about how after the war, many of the people that he knew, wanted to return to school after the devastation of World War II. More than three hundred thousand Americans were killed in battle, and double that number wounded.  However, only a few of his good friends were in an intense battle. Those individuals put their past behind them and continued on with their lives.  In the essay, “Living in the Here and Now” by Jeffrey Hollender, Hollender talks about how the death of his brother changed his life.  He honored his deceased brother by focusing on the present and paying attention to whats going on in his life rather than dwelling on the past or thinking about the future.


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