When Is It Okay to Hire Someone You Know?

When is it okay to hire someone you know?  In the latest chapter of Good Guys, Wise Guys, and Putting Up Buildings, Florman describes a time when he gave a competitive bid to a good friend of his from grade – school.  Unaware that his friend was experiencing financial issues, his friend went out of business and he was partially to blame for it.  However, Florman did nothing wrong in the situation.  It is better to hire someone you know who does good, quality work and is someone you can trust than to hire someone you know about only from outside resources.  

In an essay by Cynthia Sommer, Sommer explains how she believes in intuition.  intuition is a powerful and quick insight.  Sommer has used intuition throughout her life to help her focus on her goals in life.  Like Sommer, Florman used his own intuition to make an obvious choice to choose his good friend to complete a project because he was emotionally attached to him and knew that he would do a good job.  

Recently, I have discovered that I use my own intuition skills when asking for helpImage on calculus.  I’ve found that I usually go to the same person to help me understand something in my calculus class.  I go to the same person and never try anyone else because I am already comfortable in getting help from this person. Even if occasionally, it is not beneficial to the person helping me because it takes away from their study time that they may need, but I don’t realize it.


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