New Wood Construction Innovation

     As the construction industry continues to change as the demand for more energy efficient materials and methods grows, a new method of innovation which began in Europe, is now spreading through North America.  Innovation is any original idea or system that meets new needs or requirements.  The new Cross – Laminated Timber (CLT) system is a method of construction that meets the needs of the changing construction industry. Building large structures out of wood was considered impossible because of the weakness of conventional wood construction methods, until now.  The CLT system uses solid wood that has much less glue in them as opposed to plywood.  The new method involves laying the timber boards perpendicular to one another for for maximum strength and is used for walls and floors.  

     Because CLT is used for mid – riseImage construction as well as other building projects, the method could be used for some civil projects such as airports, train stations, etc.  It could also be used to build dams and framework for some bridges.  The lighter material will help make finishing projects less expensive and faster to complete because lighter equipment is required to lift the material.  Also, a smaller crew is required in this method, which also makes it less expensive and quicker to build. The wood panels are prefabricated which makes for a more plumb and rigid finished project.  The wood panels have longer life spans than metal or concrete because it sequesters carbon and won’t erode as fast.  

     I think that the Cross-Laminated Timber system will greatly benefit the civil and many other construction industries in the future.  The methods of building will help finish projects faster less costly and more energy efficient. 


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