To me, leadership is getting a team of people to accomplish a common goal or task.
When I enter my field of choice i would like to be a trustworthy leader.  I would like to be the kind of leader that people can count on and are willing to work because they trust me.  I will do my best to give my workers the most honest answers to their questions and make safety a number one priority.  That way they can trust me with their lives as well as how to be as productive as possible.

A successful leader in the civil sector has to possess trustworthiness as well as being able to pay close attention to detail.  Civil construction projects include building bridges and dams, which can involve various hazards if things are not dealt with properly.  In Florman’s book, he explains that in many 3rd world countries that use faulty design and construction, buildings have been known to collapse because of ignorance and carelessness.  It’s the ignorance and carelessness that can get workers to loose trust in their leader, and are two qualities I hope to never possess.


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